Concept Art & Storyboards

Anyone who has ever worked on making a comic will always tell you that it's a whole lot of work. This is especially true if you're  responsible for the entire creation process. From writing the stories, to coming up with the characters and the world that they inhabit... from storyboarding each page and scene to designing the environments, the clothing and everything the characters interact with... It's a LOT of work, but such a fulfilling experience.


Once the first few pages come online, you'll be able to have a look on this part of the website at how I make my webcomic in detail. I cover simple things such as the creation of test panels, the making of storyboards and I even let you have a look at my creation process for how  I make a single comic book page from beginning to end.


The easiest place to see all of this for now is my YouTube Channel. There you'll also find a dedicated playlist for all my creations regarding this webcomic. In the meantime you can get a quick preview below of some of the art that was created specifically for IMMERSION.