Hi, my name is...

The guy in that picture right there is me... David Arroyo. I'm the one who's responsible for the existence of this webcomic. I do the writing, the drawing, I've built this website, I pretty much run this show as a one man army. I'll be honest with you... it isn't easy, but it's extremely satisfying to be in charge of the whole process as you grow as an artist, writer, creator and as a person in general simultaneously with the project itself. I've always loved making comics and I've been talking to my family and close friends for years about making one. IMMERSION is the culmination of these many years of dreaming and hoping for this to finally happen. We're here now... and this is happening!

Useful Links

Are you curious to know what else I've done aside from IMMERSION? Maybe you might find some of my storyboards for film interesting? Or maybe you want to know more about my Quickies project? You can do all of this through my website where I have links to all my social media networks, etc. Click on the logo below to pay it a little visit or click on the follow button to stay up to date on all things IMMERSION through Facebook.


If you have any questions, suggestions or simply want to contact me, you can always do so at hello@artofdavidarroyo.com.