New Character Designs

I recently showcased a small part of the character design process behind IMMERSION's protagonist called Detective Logan. I thought it was time to show some new content after such a long time of absence. You can view the video here in case you're curious to find out more about the work that goes on behind the curtains.


Project Description

Useful Questions & Answers

IMMERSION is a sci-fi detective webcomic written and illustrated by me, David Arroyo. At this point of writing I'm seriously considering publishing one or two short stories before tackling the bigger story arch that I've written for this webcomic. Both short stories have already been written and are tied to the main story and the IMMERSION universe in general. When these short stories might come out is still being reviewed at this point in time.

The Story's One Liner

In a not too distant future technology skeptic detective Logan is forced to immerse himself into a maze of virtual worlds in order to capture a mysterious serial killer.

The Central Theme

The story’s main theme covers the question of how humanity’s dependency on technology impacts society. In the story, this is primarily explored through taking a closer look at the immersion; a worldwide phenomenon where people continuously immerse themselves into their virtually simulated lives. Its origins and reason for existing are explored from multiple points of view.


Q: Where can I read the webcomic?

A: Right here on this website


Q: When will it be available?

A: In the near future (this is currently not yet defined)


Q: Will it be free to read?

A: Yes, it will be 100% FREE to read


Q: Will you distribute per page or per issue?

A: I will most like be distributing on a page per page basis


Q: How frequently can we expect updates?

A: If all goes well, I'm hoping to release weekly


Q: Where can I ask questions/give opinions?

A: You can do that on the official Facebook Page


Q: Is anyone else collaborating?

A: No, I am the sole creator of this webcomic